17 GIFs of Terrified Children for Your Adult Amusement
Don’t worry, we’re sure they all learned an important life lesson, or something.

mara-louise: This is one of my submissions for the hitRECord collaboration project called “Adieu”. I had a ton of leftover coffee stained papers so I figured I could use some of it for this submission. For more info on the collab, click here. The reference for this animated gif is this image by Caroline Lysiak. By Mara Louise

James Dean photographed by Roy Schatt

”- What are you looking for, Laurence Alia?””- I’m looking for a person who understands my language and speaks it. A person who, without being a pariah, will question not only the rights and the value of the marginalised, but also those of the people who claim to be normal.”

American Horror Story: Coven